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color on q3dsurface only shows when zooming in

  • I've drawn a simple Q3DSurface. All seems to work OK, except the color only appears when I right click, mouse wheel zoom in, as close as I can to the surface. This is true for a solid color or a linear gradient. I've been through the Q3DSurface example line by line (the example works fine, I see the color immediately when I run the app) and I can't see anything significant that I think would cause this behavior. Can someone point out what I may be dong wrong? Note that the variable 'graph' is a Q3DSurface object.

    m_dataProxy = new QSurfaceDataProxy();
    m_dataSeries = new QSurface3DSeries(m_dataProxy);

    QLinearGradient gr;
    gr.setColorAt(0.0, Qt::darkGreen);
    gr.setColorAt(0.5, Qt::yellow);
    gr.setColorAt(0.8, Qt::red);
    gr.setColorAt(1.0, Qt::darkRed);
    QSurfaceDataArray *dataArray = new QSurfaceDataArray;
    QSurfaceDataRow *tempRow1 = new QSurfaceDataRow(100);
    QSurfaceDataRow *tempRow2 = new QSurfaceDataRow(100);
    QSurfaceDataRow *tempRow3 = new QSurfaceDataRow(100);
    for (int i = 0 ; i < 100 ; i++)
    *dataArray << tempRow1;
    *dataArray << tempRow2;
    *dataArray << tempRow3;

  • @stevereine

    I solved my own problem, was drawing the graph in a Window, but not using a container to do it. It kind of works, but not very good. Always best to thoroughly understand the instructions before writing code. All is now working very well!

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