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Static deployement, unknown module

  • Hi
    I'm french sorry for my english, i have issue with my static Qt application. my application is using widget and multimedia modules.
    when i try to compile, Qt says to me that: "Project ERROR: unknown module(s) in QT: multimedia"
    I don't know how i can do to import or include this module in my application?? As i said i'm using statics links and not dynamics.
    My application is running only when i don't use multimedia module. How can i fix please?


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    Are you sure you built and installed the Qt Multimedia module statically ?

  • Hi,
    thanks to help me. am I sure... of course not :-/
    I just built Qt statically, but i don't know which modules have been statically built. for sure widget module is ok but not multimedia. I don't understand very good how i can do to verify which modules are statically building.

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    How did you build Qt statically ?

  • I use the Qt console and write something like this:
    /path/to/qt/src/configure -static -release

    Then a process began and then when finished, i configured Qt creator to use this static version of Qt.

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    Then check the content of your static installation.

    By the way, when building Qt, especially statically, you should disable examples and tests build.

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