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Is there a way to QWebElement->findFirstElement() when the element is hidden?

  • Hi,

    There is a polish page with instant messenger "gadu gadu". Here is the link:

    On this website there is a button "Zaloguj się" (sign in).


    I can using QWebElement to click on this button. When I do that there is a popup window, where I can write my login and password.


    I would like to fill this text lines ( password (hasło ) and login ( numer gg email lub telefon ) using QWebDocument.

    Of course I find in html what I need to:


    But the problem is that - I can see that html text with input only when the popup is shown. When there is no popup with password and login and when I try to find that id="password" I can't find any ( I try CTRL+SHIFT+ I on the website ). I think that findFirstElement() works only on the initial page with no popup shown.

    Is there a way to get this input?

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