Problem with Lupdate

  • hi every body,
    please could someone help me to configure the pro file to generate ts file, I get the following problem even when use qt 4.7.3 and qt 4.7.4 .

    the windows command line report error messages then terminate

    @Project MESSAGE:
    C:/Qt/4.7.4/mkspecs/features/default_post.prf(5):Function 'system' is not implemented
    C:/Qt/4.7.4/mkspecs/features/debug_and_release.prf(66):Function 'eval' is not implemented
    C:/Qt/4.7.4/mkspecs/features/debug_and_release.prf(69):Function 'eval' is not implemented
    C:/Qt/4.7.4/mkspecs/features/debug_and_release.prf(72):Function 'eval' is not implemented
    C:/Qt/4.7.4/mkspecs/features/debug_and_release.prf(75):Function 'eval' is not implemented
    C:/Qt/4.7.4/mkspecs/features/debug_and_release.prf(78):Function 'eval' is not implemented
    C:/Qt/4.7.4/mkspecs/features/debug_and_release.prf(80):Function 'eval' is not implemented
    C:/Qt/4.7.4/mkspecs/features/debug_and_release.prf(82):Function 'eval' is not implemented
    C:/Qt/4.7.4/mkspecs/features/debug_and_release.prf(84):Function 'eval' is not implemented

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application's support team for more information.@

  • Moderators

    Never had that problem on GNU/Linux. Are you using Qt console (I think there was something like that on Windows. Alternatively, are Qt binaries in your $PATH)? Are your libraries compiled (the fact that lupdate reports some problems inside Qt sources is quite strange)?

    Translations are well described in documentation, try looking there.

  • in the same project some libraries report the same message but ts file generated,except the app pro file terminated unusually

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