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QxtSignalWaiter broken in latest Qt5

  • I've been using QxtSignalWaiter for years in order to wait for a signal to be fired, I think that was upon @andre recommendation.
    I'm late to the Qt5 part and still in between Qt4 and 5.
    Until Qt5.9 I've not noticed any issue, but at least with Qt5.14 and latest 5.15, QxtSignalWaiter is stuck in its internal processEvents() when called from a thread (using QtConcurrent)

    What could be the (not so) recent change in Qt5 that broke this? Or was it broken from the beginning? libqxt claims it is thread safe.

    Thanks in advance

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    @JulienMaille Since libqxt is not part of Qt - did you check its documentation? Did you try to ask that project?

  • libqxt was abandoned a decade ago
    I'll try to replace it with a simple QEventLoop based solution

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