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How to install Qt5 on Raspbian (Raspberry PI 3 Model B)

  • Hello everyone!

    How to compile and install the latest version of QT5 on Raspberry PI 3 Model B?
    Do you know a good description?
    I want to install all directories.
    Do you think it fits on a 32GB SD card?

    Thanks in advance for the answers!

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    If you mean natively compile Qt on your Pi, then you can follow the same guides as for a desktop machine.

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    @ssdroon30 said in How to install Qt5 on Raspbian (Raspberry PI 3 Model B):

    Do you think it fits on a 32GB SD card?

    Yes, Qt installation takes less than 1GB. That's for installed Qt, without all the build files and sources. If you do a cross-compilation or out-of-source native build you should be perfectly fine with 32GB SD card (or even smaller).

    Do you know a good description?

    Not a recent one, unfortunately. I haven't compiled Qt for RPi for about 2 years now.

    This guide used to be good: link but I don't know if it still is. One side effect of both RPi and Qt constantly evolving is that things frequently break - and often after RPi update or Qt upgrade it takes some fixing and trial-and-error to get things to work again.

    Current version of Raspberry Pi OS comes with Qt 5.11.3 pre-installed, by the way. If that's recent enough for you, perhaps it's a good idea to just go with that.

  • Thanks! I don’t actually need all the librarys, especially the QTextToSpeech library. Can this library be compiled, and installed separately?

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    If you have Qt configured you can later compile further modules, yes.

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