Debuger freezes right upon start

  • When I start an application in debug mode, the qtcreator_process_stub.exe console window opens, and this is it. The Debugger panel stop button does not activate, and the only way to cancel debugging is through the main menu. The breappoing on the 1st line of main.cpp is not even hit.

    I am on Qt 5.11.3 under windows and the app is compiled in 32bit, if this matters.

    I was able to debug for a good deal of today, but then it started freezing and no amount of cleaning and rebuilding helps.

  • I found that it only freezes in 32 bit mode. If I switch the project to 64 bit and rebuild, debugger works. Switch back to 32 and freeze. This is WinSDK 10 CDB.

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    Hi @In-Fo,

    please have a look at Windows > Views > Debugger Log. it might give some more insight.


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