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Attn: Mac Users! How do you get around the debug run terminal stub_socket error

  • HI I'm a software engineer but super new user of QT and going through the paces of learning the framework on a MacOSX Mojave 10.14.6. I've encountered this error when hitting the play debug button on a console application. I've run the application in Run Terminal mode. This issue is related to 118189. I've gotten around this by running the binary directly, a little primitive but works.

    I've been sitting on Mojave for some time due to fears of OS breakages. I would like to invest my next few months developing on QT and would love to get on with all the nice developer debugging QoL features.

    I develop primarily on UNIX platforms (Ubuntu) but I'm running space on the dual boot. I would love to hear your thoughts! Mac or non-Mac!

    $ /var/folders/8s/_nckx5r97p13frqmtvy529qr0000gn/T/tmpoR6aSw ; exit;
    Cannot connect creator comm socket /private/var/folders/8s/_nckx5r97p13frqmtvy529qr0000gn/T/QtCreator.viTIAY/stub-socket: No such file or directory
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