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Multiple Animations with different start times

  • Hi everyone,

    i'm trying to find a concept how to animate multiple animations with different start times.
    I always have a known time window in which the animations should start at specific times.

    • The start time and the duration of the animations is always known.
    • The number of animations as well as the start time and duration can vary within each time window.
    • Most animations are GraphicItems (lines, circles, text).
    • There can be QPropertyAnimation, QSequentialAnimationGroup and QParallelAnimationGroup.

    I want to control the animation with a start and stop button. Additionally a slider, to define the current time.


    Builidng everything with QParallelAnimationGroup and QSequentialAnimationGroup
    Since new animations can start during an already running animation, it becomes difficult to interrupt the already running animation and continue with a new parallel animation. It doesn't feel right.

    Alternative approach
    Is there a way to create a "TimeLine" for this problem? Can animations be linked to a timer? Would it be a better approach?

    I'm open for any ideas and hope that someone can help me with the problem


  • all good, I can delay animations with QPauseAnimation...

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