How to expose dynamically amount of data to QML.

  • I have an app were I need to fetch random questions from a database and expose them to qml dynamically.

    So I created a class to store each dataset:

    class Question : public QObject
        Q_PROPERTY(int id READ id)
        Q_PROPERTY(QString askedQuestion READ askedQuestion)
        Question(int id,
                 QString askedQuestion);
        int getId() const;
        QString getAskedQuestion() const;
        int mId;
        QString mAskedQuestion;

    And fill them in annother class. In reality it is derrived from an SQLDatabaseModel:

    class QuestionGenerator : public QObject
        explicit QuestionGenerator(QObject *parent = nullptr);
        Q_INVOKABLE QVector<Question> getRandomQuestions(int count) const
            // simplified in reality we fetch random questions from a database. 
            // the point is we need to add Questions to the vector
            // but this does not work since QObject based items cannot get copied
            QVector<Question> questions;
            // add questions to vector
            return questions;

    I want to expose Question to QML to use the data from Question there so I need to derive it from QObject.

    When I fetch the Questions randomly in QuestionGenerator it does not work because QVector does net the not supported copy constructor of QObject.

    So how can I fix this?

    Again what I want:

    Fetch n Questions in C++ and expose them to QML so I can use the data to display.

  • I went for exposing a QQmlListProperty<Question> to QML. It works fine.

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