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QCamera on Android and continuous focus

  • Hello.

    I set camera focus mode on Android device with.

    m_cam->focus()->setFocusMode( QCameraFocus::ContinuousFocus );
    m_cam->focus()->isFocusModeSupported( QCameraFocus::ContinuousFocus );

    Reports true.

    But I see focus on the distant object, I don't see auto focus working. The focus always the same. Maybe I missed something? What should I do to make auto focus to work on Android device?

  • Tried this:

    m_cam->focus()->setFocusMode( QCameraFocus::ContinuousFocus |
        QCameraFocus::MacroFocus );

    The same behavior. No focus on the objects in 0.1 - 0.5 m...

  • Looks like this doesn't work. It is necessary to invoke QCamera::searchAndLock() from time to time...

  • So, my solution is:

    m_cam->focus()->setFocusMode( QCameraFocus::MacroFocus );

    and I do:


    on image changes (significant changes).

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