[Solved] MeeGo Touch Framework. MList scrolling.

  • Hi everyone!
    I have such application page:
    label | textedit



    When I start to scroll the page then label and textedit are disappeared, but I need other behaviour. I want that only MList had scrolling and label with textedit always stayed on their places.

    I've tried turn off the panning of the page (setPannable(false)), but then I cannot to scroll MList.

    How can I do it?

    Thanks, Kirill.

  • kibsoft, is your application page scrollable? I mean, are you placing a MList (which is scrollable) inside another scrollable widget?

    I'm asking that because according to the Maemo 5 UI guidelines, it was not possible - and I guess the same happens with MeeGo UI (Need to check that, though). In this case, the MList would grow, making the whole page grow too. And only the page would scroll.

  • The problem was decided by using MPannableViewport for MList :)

  • Great! nice to "hear" you solved your issue :-)

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