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QMdiSubwindows. I need to open many subwindows inside a grid and move them around.

  • Hi,

    I have data coming from sockets and would like to display that data inside a grid or table of widgets or windows in a mainwindow. I was thinking using MDI area with 4 subwindows displaying 4 different data plots. Not sure if this is the right way to do it.
    Another option I thought was designing a custom widget with close, maximize, minimize buttons and with the ability to move around and docking capabilities so it can place it back to the grid.

    1. Could anyone give me a hint on the best way to accomplish this?
    2. When I use a MDI Area , when calling the show() function in those 4 subwindows, it means that it is handling 4 different threads or process or maybe none?


  • @Jc_Opc
    I can only answer #2: the choice of using MDI windows has no effect on threads/processes. It is just a way of showing multiple windows, it has nothing to say about and no effect on what you show there.

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