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"thanks" feature

  • Maybe I'm not seeing this feature, but other forum software (e.g, vbulletin) have a "thanks" feature that allows a user to thanks another user for a very useful solution. Could it be implemented even in the qt forum and be assigned to a score incrementation?

  • I think something like that is already worked on, but more in the form of a Questions & Answers section. How that relates to the forums feature is not quite clear to me.

    Note that there already is something like a scoring system for doc notes, though high scores do not translate to points, but to badges. I believe points were meant to stay related to activity, rather than to be rewards for contents.

  • well you also get points for doc nodes and wiki pages. that is content for me. so a thanks feature would also meet that reques imo.

  • You get points for the actual notes and wiki pages, but not for how these notes and pages are rated. Giving thanks could earn points (it is activity), receiving them not, according to the current logic. However, receiving (enough) thanks could earn you a badge, I guess.

  • AFAIK Andrea once said, a "thank you" or "that answer helped me" is planned together with the Q&A features.

  • You speak of "Alexandra":/member/7? :-)

  • [quote author="Volker" date="1323091935"]You speak of "Alexandra":/member/7? :-)[/quote]

    Ups :-o Too many female names beginning with an A :)

  • Andre is onto the logic we're aiming at[1]. "Points" represent "activity" while a "thank you" feature would represent "reputation". We would treat those two values separably - as in real life[2]. Badges will be earned from both values - different ones. The QnA feature has reputation gathering features like marking a post as helpful or marking a post as "the answer". We will start gathering the data from Day 1 (also from older threads, fear not) while we will not have a humorous system like the ranks in place for a while. Ideas welcome though :)

    fn1. Disclaimer; I haven't spoken to Alexandra about this for a while - the QnA feature and upcoming Qt 4.8 doc release has kept us busy from a devnet perspective (not to mention devdays!) - so she could have changed her mind.

    fn2. Not ruling out combination badges! Like "the currently most revered gene splicer".

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