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How run qml applications on other pc?

  • Hi all,

    I am new in Qt.
    I have a 64bit ubuntu20 development machine with Qt installed 5.12.
    My qt quick application runs well on this pc.
    I would like to run this software on ubuntu 12 or 16 32bit operation system (actually nothing installed).
    What i have to do to run on other operation sys tem my codes or binary.


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    You need to deploy your apps. You can use linuxdeployqt for that. Or manually build a DEB package.

    An important thing to remember:

    • compile your package using the oldest system you want to support (an executable compiled on Ubuntu 20.04 will not work on Ubuntu 12)
    • either bundle Qt together with your application (to use all newest features - but beware of LGPL license terms!) or make sure your app is compatible with the version of Qt found on target system (so whatever Ubuntu 12 ships with)

    And, as side note - Ubuntu 12 is massively old. If only you can avoid supporting it - do.

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