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Error when opening "" in SDK

  • I am using the SDK, with Qt Creator on MinGW

    When I try to open the Source project "" in either my 4.7.3 or 4.7.4 source tree, I get a ton of error messages that sub-projects cannot be opened:

    bq. Could not find .pro file for sub dir 'src_tools_bootstrap' in '/src/tools/bootstrap'

    and so on, for pretty much every sub-project.
    The only subproject I see in the project tree is

    I know this used to work on my installation, so I suspected a botched update.
    How can I fix my file?

    I noticed the pro-file makes extensive use of the variable $$QT_SOURCE_TREE.

    So I tried to set QT_SOURCE_TREE in my Qt project settings, but that didn't work.

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