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[Solved] error importing box2D-QML library to qt quick application

  • hi all,
    i am a game programmer and now i am trying to create an apps for nokia symbian qt quick application using qt creator 2.3.0

    i'm trying to create an apps using box2D-qml library, i already download the box2d-qml
    also i already ask some of my friend about how to integrate it

    here's the step i got from my friend:
    copy the box2D-qml folder to my apps folder
    add include at .pro files
    add include at cpp files

    i can use the box-2d method such as world and the other at qml
    but every time i run the apps, it always show error that module box2d is not installed

    i already stuck for a week now for this problem
    if some one know how to clear this problem please give me the details step to import the qml-box2d to my symbian quick app project


  • I guess by box2d you mean the box2d plugin from http://gitorious.org/qml-box2d?

    Did you try including box2d-static.pri in your .pro file? There should be no need to copy files around. You should simply be able to use Box2D types in your project.

  • i already solved it, it's because the name of folder

  • hey subzaku,
    i am getting the same error as of urs,
    how did u solve it ?
    didn get wht u meant "name of the folder"

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