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how add new libs like poppler on QT

  • hello everyone,

    I work on QT with the Windows OS.
    I'm looking to view pdf files.
    After some research I found some redundancy in the answers, which led me to poppler.

    I find a site offering different versions :
    and i take poppler-0.68.0

    I work with this version of QT :

    and i use :

    I extract my files, the classical manipulation :

    and let's go, i add in my .pro :

    QT       += core gui
    greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4): QT += widgets printsupport
    CONFIG += c++11
    INCLUDEPATH  += C:/Users/portalc/Desktop/doc_qt/poppler-0.68.0/bin
    LIBS         += -L/Users/portalc/Desktop/doc_qt/poppler-0.68.0/lib

    it builds without any problem, but when I try to add a #include "poppler.h" it doesn't find any.

    I am ready to listen to all the explanations to move forward!
    thank you :)

  • hi
    @Albator said in how add new libs like poppler on QT:

    INCLUDEPATH += C:/Users/portalc/Desktop/doc_qt/poppler-0.68.0/bin


    INCLUDEPATH += C:/Users/portalc/Desktop/doc_qt/poppler-0.68.0/include

  • mingw3.png

    thank you for your advice.
    I find my headers now!

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