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Scene 3D Open GL Crash on 5.15

  • Currently in our project, we are using quite a lot of the Qt3D power. The Qt3D ECS ecosystem so far allowed us to be up to speed really quickly without reinventing the wheel.
    Unfortunately, up to recently, we came across some limitations/crashes which involves OpenGL Context with Scene3D and we are still unable to nail down the culprit.
    In our current project, we are basically allowing the user to switch between multiples (one/two/four) Scene3D, all laid out in a GridLayout using Repeater/Loader method (we gave a try to the new Scene3DView, but it seems to be harder to implement than expected, no PickObject behaviour on existing Entity, Gizmo3D Overlay issue, etc...). The current issue we're facing is the app crashing erroring out with some "Failed to make context current" whenever we switch between different Scene3D layout (one/two/four views), most likely when Qt kills the OpenGl contexts object. Furthermore, this crash seems to happen randomly (and not on every machines), as soon as we change the layout or even after 5 minutes playing with the layout, making it really hard for us to debug things.

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    Which version of Qt are you using ?
    On which OS ?

  • @SGaist Sorry forgot to mention that.
    Qt - 5.15.1 on Windows 10 (using MSVC 2019).

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