Remove all breakpoints ?

  • Is there a way to remove / clear / delete all breakpoints in QtCreator AT ONCE ?

  • Hi,

    Seldom post but a quick search suggest that, you..

    1. go to the debug panel (On your left. Etc; Welcome, Edit, Debug....)
    2. At the bottom right, there will be all the breakpoints
    3. Ctrl + A and delete them all.

  • Just right click in the "Breakpoint Preset" panel, and select "Delete All Breakpoints".

  • OK, I found another "option", however, I need more help navigating debugging process.

    Yes, I just started seriously using real debugging and it is not going well. ( DID RTFM !)

    I am not sure which manual to read to learn specifically about the following : .

    I am seeing view with two bars in the main pane , and the "top " one has "title " Threads and it is attached to the bottom one I have been using.


    So WHAT is the name / function of the "top" bar, besides activation more "views" ?

    I can use "view" option and enable more , so far overwhelming and confusing views.

    One of the views has "options " has "suboptions" to remove all break points.

    Removing all breakpoints problem solved .

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