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How to make simple app for run some terminal commands

  • I want to make a simple application for my practice exam. This application is used to run some linux terminal commands such as lsb_release -a, dpkg -l (textbox), sudo apt update (on my xubuntu), sudo pacman -Syu (on my manjaro), and many more. I've started by creating a C++ based Qt Widget Application project. I've made the UI and now I'm confused, where should I put a command like QProcess process1; process1.start("sudo lsb_release -a");. Whereas QProcess is always said to be an error. For your information, the last time I used C++ was 2 years ago. And I have never had any experience using Python.```

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    Hi and welcome to the forums
    First you should read the docs.

    Please notice that any parameters should be included in the QStringList param and not as part of the string for the app.

      QString program = "./path/to/app.exe";
       QStringList arguments;
       arguments << "-arg1" << "arg2";
      QProcess *myProcess = new QProcess(parent);
       myProcess->start(program, arguments);

    so start("sudo lsb_release -a") is not right as "-a" should be on its own.

    Then next is the fact that QProcess is asynchronous so make sure that you dont declare
    QProcess process1 inside a function as it will then be deleted before anything happens.
    So make it a class member.

    Then there is sudo. If it asks for password then it wont work.

    About where to have the process1.start, Well how will app work ?
    User must press something or its it automatic in some way ?

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