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Qt::WindowFullScreen z-Order under Taskbar in MS-Windows

  • Hello,
    I have updated Qt from 5.6.0 to 5.12.5 (and MSVC from 15 to 17). The App works on a tablet with touch screen - no keyboard or mouse availabe.

    In the older Version
    perform a window over the MS-Windows taskbar.

    In the newer version, the window size is indeed as large as the screen, but the lower part is hidden from the taskbar.

    I made experiences with adding of window flags:
    Qt::Popup produces indeed a window over the taskbar.
    But this trick has other disadvantages: The windows get not the focus at opening and the windows virtual keyboard z-order is not really clear. On focusing the window it will be hidden, appears again, but the 2. window focosing hides it for ever.

    Any idea who I can get the features of the older Qt version ?
    I want a full screen window over the taskbar, but the virtual keyboard over it.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Just tested setWindowState(Qt::WindowFullScreen);
    with Qt 5.14.2 + vs 2017 on win 10 and it did cover the taksbar.

    Did you by any chance also get new windows version ?
    Im still on 1803.

  • Hi @mrjj, I am using the newest Window 10 Version 2004.

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    Did you also have this 2004 version when it worked in 5.6.0 ?

  • Yes, I have them tested simultaneously on the same computer.

  • I will install the 5.14 version and check it again.

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    I tried to reproduce it on win 2004 with some Qt version but could not.
    I will try with 5.12.5 when time permits.

    Would be great if you tried newer version too.

    I could not find anything in release notes about such change.

  • Hello @mrjj,

    I have check the latest Qt Version. 5.15.1 MSVC19-32 bit.
    (Windows 10 - 2004-64 - but error is in earlier version too.)


    hides not the Windows Taskbar!

    In Qt 5.6.0 MSVC15-32 bit it works - window is over the Taskbar.

    What can I do? This feature is very import for my tablet-only app!

  • Here I have a minimal example to produce the problem.

    QDialog *dlg;
    void MainWindow::on_pushButton_clicked()
        dlg=new QDialog;

    Different beheavour

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