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Nested QML Menu from nested QStandardItemModel

  • Hello. I have a nested model subclassed from QStandardItemModel and filled like this:

    for(int row = 0; row < 10; row++){
      setData(index(row,0), "Item"+QString::number(row), Name);
      setData(index(row,0), 0, Value);
      setData(index(row,0), "description of item"+QString::number(row), Description);
      QStandardItem *item = itemFromIndex(index(row,0));
      for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++){
        QStandardItem *subitem = new QStandardItem;
        subitem->setData("SubItem"+QString::number(i), Name);
        subitem->setData(0, Value);
        subitem->setData("Description of subItem"+QString::number(i), Description);

    So, to create a Menu from this model I use Instantiator:

    import MyModel 1.0 //it is registered in main.cpp
      id: topMenu
      title: "Example"
         model: myModel
         onObjectRemoved: topMenu.removeItem( object )
         delegate: Component{
                 id: loader
                 onStatusChanged: if (status == Loader.Ready) {
                                   topMenu.insertMenu( index, item );
                                   loader.item.itemModel = model;
                  source: "SubMenuLoader.qml"

    My problem is that the model I pass to SubMenuLoader.qml is QQmlDMAbstractItemModelData , which means when I create the Instantiator in SubMenuLoader.qml I will only have the current item, there is no property or method to get children of this model item in QML. I also didn't manage to expose items children from C++, because QML won't understand QList<QStandardItem*>. Even after I declared it as metatype it turns into [QVariant(QStandardItem*, ), QVariant(QStandardItem*, ) ...(and so on)]

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