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Read from QProcess:write()

  • I have an application which runs another applications and sends data into them. Child apps then read that data. Im creating instances of QProcess for each application i want to write to:

    QProcess* process = new QProcess(this);

    Running executables works fine. Now im trying to write info into them, and then read that info inside those executables(executables are another qt projects).

    I am writing info to stdin:

    process->write(...); //writes into process stdin according to docs

    Ok, to read written data inside those processes i use QSocketNotifier:

    QSocketNotifier* notifier = new QSocketNotifier(fileno(stdin), QSocketNotifier::Read, this);
    connect(notifier, &QSocketNotifier::activated, this, [this](){
        QMessageBox msgBox;
        msgBox.setText("I have a data to read!!!");

    Unfortunately, QSocketNotifier::activated() never fires...

  • Ok, that is interesting. I wrote this topic using Windows. I ran exactly the same project using linux, and it worked just fine...
    I will mark the topic "kinda solved", because i actually develop the thing for linux...
    But it seems that windows users will have some trouble finding a workaround.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    See - don't know why it's marked as 'out of scope' though...

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher
    Who knows? But the fact that it was raised in year 2010, under Nokia/TrollTech, is interesting ;-)

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