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[closed] ItemDelegates,TreeView,And Multi-Line Text

  • By default a row of a tree view is on a single line and the text gets truncated if the column isn’t large enough. I want to allow text to span multiple lines based on the width of the column. I also want it to re-paint itself properly when the TreeView is resized when it is part of a layout and that layout expands. Right now I only need that behavior on child items (max depth is rows with multiple subrows) and nothing shows at all.

    I’ve included code that isn’t working at the moment based off QT’s star delegate example, any help would be appreciated. None of the item data are passing the qVariantCanConvert check and I’m not sure why.

    Between the service crashing and my post being cutoff I realised I posted twice, and my posts are too long so not all my code is included. I have code to share so let me know how to get it on here…?

  • Duplicate from "this thread":

    I'm closing it.

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