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Qt Designer layout bug

  • Can someone recreate this bug?

    Use a .ui file and create a usable layout in there with default content margins (for me it was 1 and the margins aren't written in bold) and put some widgets inside.
    The resulting dialog should look more or less exactly like the designer preview.

    But now morph that one layout into a widget .
    The preview should still look exactly the same as before, but when you build the program and open the dialog, then you suddenly have unexpected margins in your layout.

    When I change the margins in the Designer to something else (e.g. 2, the description is now bold), and then reset it with undo button next to the input field (description is not bold anymore), it will show 11, which is obviously not the 1 it was showing before.

    This means that the Designer is somehow previewing a wrong default value for the widget-embedded layout after you morphed it.

    I fixed the margin discrepancy of designer preview and actual program by setting them once to some random number and then back to 1, which will now have a bold description, because the new default would have been 11.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    For me, after morphing the layout to the widget, the description was still bold and
    values worked as expected. (also after run )

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