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Problem with displaying Directory in projects

  • Hello everybody,
    i wanna import many directory ( like ckscardscom ) from one big directory ( commun ) and i want the display of the screen 1 ( the big directory in the top of the child )
    how can i do it knowing that now i can only see them in the same line ( screen 2 )


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    What do you mean by import ?
    How are you currently getting these two views ?

  • @SGaist
    The first view is from an old project, when i open it i get this view
    Now i made a new project, when i try to add existing file to my current project, i get the screen 2
    and the problem is i want to get the form of screen one because there are many directories below commun
    P.S: (commun contains all the directory and each directory there is the libraries ( .h and .cpp )


    here we can see that crypto,system and widgets are below commun so i get this view ( from an old project)
    when i will try to add existing files now to my current project a get all the path ine same line, so instead of getting

    i get :


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    So in fact you are looking for Qt Creator settings ?

    Which version are you using ?

  • @SGaist i'm using the Qt creator 4.11

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