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QtProtobuf 0.5 Release

  • QtProtobuf – is opensource library distributed under MIT license. With QtProtobuf you easily may use Google Protocol Buffers and gRPC in your Qt project.

    Key changes:

    • Added Qt-types support library. You may use Qt-types in protobuf messages.
    • Added Connan support.
    • Call of call and subscription methods in QtGrpc became thread-safe.
    • Added returnValue field to QQuickGrpcSubscription. You may use direct QML binding to Messages created in QML context without intermediate handlers.
    • All properties in Messages are reset to default before deserialization, according to protobuf concepts.

    Minor changes:

    • Reworked qmake executable lookup in build procedure. qmake from CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH has higher priority.
    • Static build reworked, fixed few issues.
    • Fixed issue with "zombie" subscription in QQuickGrpcSubscription.
    • Added conversion of google.protobuf.Timestamp from/to QDateTime.


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