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qml view3D crash

  • I try to insert on my project a view3d on qml interfaces. I use qt creator 4.13, qt 5.14, ubuntu 18.04 .... I have some issue with qt3dcore because if add it on qml file i gave "qt3dcore is not installed" error .... but view3d (import QtQuick3D 1.14) have not these issue so I decide to use a rectangle on my swipe project and insert inside these rectangle a views3d for render my 6arms robot. Any how I can insert view3d but it not work and on qt creator show me a yellow rectangle warming that show me these messages: "item could not be created". After these if try to modifiy it, sometime my app & qtcreator crash immediately so not possible to see any problem signaling by qtcreator .... but if I leave view3d it compile perfect.

    Not understand why. Someone have some ideas about?

    After these my app with view3d work .... but warming persist and some time qtcreator crash when try to modify my view .... sometime not crash so I'm able to modify it and I can show my 3/4 models rotate on the screen.


  • I add the correct QML_IMPORT_PATH and all work ok without crash !! Sorry

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