Application freeze on playing media files at MacOS

  • Hi,

    I use phonon for playing audio notes. Files are located at web server so I use HTTP as media source.
    m_audioOutput = new Phonon::AudioOutput(Phonon::MusicCategory, this);
    m_mediaObject = new Phonon::MediaObject(this);
    Phonon::createPath(m_mediaObject, m_audioOutput);
    After I call setCurrentSource program freeze.

    Playing local files works good. Everything also works on Windows so I think that problem maybe in QT backend.

    Can you help me or tell any workaround for this problem?

  • I too face the similar issue. Everything works fine on Windows. But, on Mac MediaObject fetches all the data while doing setCurrentSource(), till then it is blocked.

    I found similar post from Jan 2010:

    Could anyone please guide us if there is any solution/work around for this?

  • Thanks in advance.

  • well, for everyone searching and stumbling upon this:

    i had a similar experience with this, developing my app in windows, running fine, but compiled in mac, and crashes at setCurrentSource()..
    for some reason calling m_mediaObject.clearQueue(); just before calling setCurrentSource() seems to do the trick... (don't know why, it's stupid, however no more crashing just by adding this line)

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