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Connection on QtGUI and QML?

  • Hello
    I designed an application in qml,and imported in QtGUI Application.
    and now , i wanna to make connection in this between .
    For Example , Wen I'm clicked on a button in qml (imported in main window) , my ui->webview got to "......" url.
    can you help me?

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    I'm not sure I understand your English. I'll assume you meant "when I click a button in QML, I want my webview, declared in C++ (QtWidgets) to go to a certain URL". If that happens to be the case, the answer is quite simple. You can use signal/ slot connections to manage your communication. Or even simple Q_INVOKABLE method.

    For example:

    create a Qt class (it has to inherit from QObject, remember!): say, myText. There, declare something like @ Q_INVOKABLE void setWebViewUrl(const QString &newUrl); @

    add this class to QML by calling @ QDeclarativeView::rootContext()->setContextObject(new myClass *instance()); @ (you have to provide a QDeclarativeView object, of course)

    you can now use this new method inside your QML code, it will be available everywhere. I'll give an example for MouseArea:

    @ MouseArea {
    onClicked: {
    } @

    That's it. Happy coding :)

  • how can i access to setWebViewUrl class from qml file?

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    Re-read 3rd point I've made. It's globally available once you add the QObject that declares it to rootContext.

  • OK
    so thanks

    Best Regard ;)

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