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Writing a Chat Application in C++

  • Hello,
    I am trying to make a chat application. I use Qt (for the GUI) and Boost.Asio (for socket programming function calls).
    I want to establish a connection between the client and server before I show the client's GUI. However, when I set up the connection, I use a function called which is a blocking call. Basically, it is an event loop queueing and executing read and write messages. Since this is a blocking call, it will not reach a.exec() which shows the GUI. So I end up with a black window, instead of the GUI.

    How do I fix this?
    Thank you. :)

  • @pokemon123

    Why you want to use Asio? You can do the whole Chat App (GUI + network connection) with Qt only.

    a.exec() will start its own event loop for GUI, so it's not that easy to make work with Qt.

    You could try to run your io_service in a different boost::thread, but I don't know, if everything will work as expected

  • Another option (if you are bound and determined to use as few threads as humanly possible, for whatever reason you may have):

    You can use a QTimer that "ticks" every N milliseconds (you choose N), and you can invoke other methods on your io_service instance instead of invoking run(). For example you could use io_service::run_for to constrain the length of "timeslice" you yield to the io_service.

    There are a number of similar methods, such as run_one, poll, and poll_one.

    In this way, you can achieve a sort of cooperative, voluntary yielding, time-slicing where the io_service uses the main/GUI thread, but it never blocks it for very long.

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