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A4 report size for a medical software

  • Hi,

    I am totally new about QT. I am making a report file for medical software. (design / UI)
    The problem is what size should I use for the A4 report file?
    I thought it should be 1240x1754 px (150dpi) at least for printing later. But on the monitor screen - it is quite big. So I made again to 595x842 px (72dpi). However, on a big monitor or 4K display (for the exhibition or fair) - this size is too small.

    I wonder, can I make this file as responsive? Or should I make this report file two sizes (for a computer / for a 4K display)?
    Which size and unit normally use for these report files?
    (pixel / resolution...etc)

    Thanks in advance. :)

  • @eunhyjo

    What do you mean by "file"? Your QWidget?
    I guess, you can scale it anyway, when you want to print something on paper.

    Qt has high DPI support and some extra settings:


    Is your whole "report file" an image?

  • @Pl45m4
    Hi, Thanks for your reply.

    No, It an HTML document?
    images and text on the file. So as a webpage it is easy to make responsible size.
    But I have no idea about QT - which size should I use. :s
    Please find the attached screenshot:

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