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How to get multiple selected Items from a QListwidget

  • Hello everyone,

    in my GUI I have a QListwidget called TargetList.

    After starting the search I get a List of the available Devices. Now the User can choose to which Devices he wants to connet. Till now I had no problem with only one Target.

    But if the User selects multiple Targets I need a List of the Devices he selected so I can adapt the actions to be done for multiple Devices. The Question is how to get that List? I enabled multiple Selections in Qt Creator.

    I tried the following Code

    connect(ui->TargetList, SIGNAL(itemSelectionChange()), this, SLOT(SelectedTargets()));

    Whenever the Selection changes the Signal fires and the Slot i have the following Lines:

    QStringList ListSelected;
    QString selected = ui->TargetList->currentItem()->text();

    This should construct the needed List. But when Running i get the error that there's no such Signal as itemselectionchanged().

    Thanks !

  • @JohnSRV said in How to get multiple selected Items from a QListwidget:

    connect(ui->TargetList, SIGNAL(itemSelectionChange()), this, SLOT(SelectedTargets()));

    And, use QListWidget::selectedItems() to get all selected items.

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