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PySide 1.0.9 - "Sheldon" released!

  • The PySide team is proud to announce the new release version 1.0.9 of
    PySide project.

    Major changes

    . Bug Fixes;

    About PySide

    PySide is the Nokia-sponsored Python Qt bindings project, providing
    access to not only the complete Qt 4.7 framework but also Qt Mobility,
    as well as to generator tools for rapidly generating bindings for any
    C++ libraries.

    The PySide project is developed in the open, with all facilities you'd
    expect from any modern OSS project such as all code in a git
    repository [1], an open Bugzilla [2] for reporting bugs, and an open
    design process [3]. We welcome any contribution without requiring a
    transfer of copyright.

    List of bugs fixed

    1058 Strange code in PySide/QtUiTools/glue/plugins.h
    1057 valgrind detected "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value"
    1052 PySideConfig.cmake contains an infinite loop due to missing default for SHIBOKEN_PYTHON_SUFFIX
    1048 QGridLayout.itemAtPosition() crashes when it should return None
    1037 shiboken fails to build against python 3.2 (both normal and -dbg) on i386 (and others)
    1036 Qt.KeyboardModifiers always evaluates to zero
    1033 QDialog.DialogCode instances and return value from QDialog.exec_ hash to different values
    1031 QState.parentState() or QState.machine() causes python crash at exit
    1029 qmlRegisterType Fails to Increase the Ref Count
    1028 QWidget winId missing
    1016 Calling of Q_INVOKABLE method returning not QVariant is impossible...
    1013 connect to QSqlTableModel.primeInsert() causes crash
    1012 FTBFS with hardening flags enabled
    1011 PySide Cygwin patch
    1010 Shiboken Cygwin patch
    1009 GeneratorRunner Cygwin patch
    1008 ApiExtractor Cygwin patch
    891 ApiExtractor doesn't support doxygen as backend to doc generation.


    The files can be downloaded from PySide download page[4]


    [1] http://qt.gitorious.org/pyside
    [2] http://bugs.openbossa.org/
    [3] http://www.pyside.org/docs/pseps/psep-0001.html
    [4] http://developer.qt.nokia.com/wiki/PySideDownloads

    PySide Team

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