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.mov video files not displaying with QMediaPlayer but .mp4 file works

  • Hey guys, I'm using QMediaPlayer and QVideoWidget to play a video and it works fine for a .mp4 file but it doesn't work for a .mov file. I can hear the audio of the .mov but the screen is blank. I tested the .mov file in another application and it worked fine. Anyone have any idea whats going on?

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    What OS are you on ?

  • filename extensions are somewhat irrelevant. while there are common extensions for specific containers, there is no hard fast rule that the extension must match mov or mp4. that being said, mov is usually a container for apple quicktime, so unless you have the libraries and codecs to handle quicktime it's not going to be readable. you need to research and better understand the codecs and container capabilities. If I had to guess, then I'd guess that the backend used by Qt is not configured to process the specific codec data in the quicktime container.

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