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QT Creator with Designer [SOLVED]

  • Hi,
    I actually use VS 2010/VSAddIn, but I think about to switch to Creator. I have on problem with Creator, I cannot promote like native Designer (modified), because I need to derive from QMainWindow and QDialog. On native Designer 4.7.x, I changed \qt\tools\designer\src\lib\shared\promotiontaskmenu.cpp and \qt\tools\designer\src\lib\shared\qdesigner_promotion.cpp, to allow QMainWindow and QDialog are visible in the Promote-Dialog.
    In QT Creator Source (designer), I could not found these files. How can I modify source, to achive same behaviour like native Designer ?


  • I don't know a solution for the builtin designer component of Creator, but you can still use your external, native Designer to create the .ui files for the time being.

  • Hi, Volker
    The same "promote" dialog is in Qt Creator Designer, which source does contain the List with "QMainWindow","QDialog","QFrame" and so on ?

  • Given that the Qt Creator Designer plugin links to libQtDesigner your changes should appear directly in Creator when you build it against your modified version of Qt.

  • Hi, Duck
    thank you. I downloaded the sources, and it looks like, that the designer-plugin which is used by QT Creator comes directly from the qt version. So you are right.
    I tried to create the Creator in VS2010 and converted the .pro into a QtAddin project, but there must be bugs, because I cannot create it. First problem is precompiled headers.
    And I'm not sure, what I really need, when I create it with qmake, I do not want to use the git, I downloaded the zip of 2.4.0.rc and unpacked it into a subdirectory. Do I need perl, when I do not use git ?

    SOLVED: Please forget all my questions, qmake && jom did the job. As my english is not so good, I didn't understand the "Readme" in full.....


  • No Problem, you're welcome.
    For further questions, you may ask in the "German forum":/forums/viewforum/30/ in native language.

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