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Get the advanced color picker only, from QColorDialog

  • pickerShot.png Is it possible to load advanced picker from QColorDialog into a widget? By advanced picker I mean like the one in the picture.
    I made a color picker with colors of my choice but still want to let the user define their own colors and add it to a custom colors list. I could write something like the one in the picture myself but was thinking if it possible to just get the thing from QColorDialog and add it into a layout/widget.

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    Well the
    class QColorPicker : public QFrame

    is only defined in .cpp it seems its not possible to reuse.

    But we can steal one from a QColroDialog and insert into a layout

    alt text

    But im not use if we can connect to it and use it really.

    btw i steal it like this

        QColorDialog d;    
        d.dumpObjectTree(); // to see the class names inside..
        auto list = d.findChildren<QWidget *>();
        for (QWidget *w : list) {
            if (strcmp( w->metaObject()->className(), "QColorPicker")  == 0)
                    ui->test->addWidget(w); // test is a layout

  • @mrjj I tried implementing this in PySide2. This method was just not going well with my full code for some reason. Ended up writing a whole new class and made my own advanced color picker (not complete) it gives me more control too. But this is a nice method and can actually be used in certain cases. Thank you for your effort.

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    Well since we can't use the type QColorPicker, it was not really possible to connect to its signals
    so it was not very useful anyway.
    So a custom color picker sounds much better.
    If it turns out good, maybe share it with the world ?

  • @mrjj Yes I will. It's part of a bigger project, which includes the color picker, event calender etc. I will be sharing it with a GPL licence.

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