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[QT VS Add-in] generated moc, rcc, uic file path

  • I'm using QT(5.14.0) with Visual Studio 2017 with QT VS Add-in.

    When I see QT VS Tools -> Qt Options -> Qt Project Setting -> Qt Default Settings,

    it says moc, rcc, uic file will be generated in (VSProjDir)\GeneratedFiles folder.

    85a417ee-4b7b-4ed8-9940-e35600da7cc1-image.png f5649e75-c87c-4788-be9a-92b759fb92b4-image.png

    However, when I checked Property pages, it says totally different path for those files.




    If I build this project, moc, rcc, uic all files are generated in the path stated in the property pages, not in the default path.


    Can anyone explain why this happens?
    I think the reason why I cannot use intellisense for ui related things is due to the path...

    Thank you for advance.

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