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No rule to make target .... libqtmain.a

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    I am getting this error message when i want to builg my webasm project. Is there anybody who have an idea about this issue ?

  • @fhryilmaz Did you solve this issue somehow? I am facing the same problem and, I haven't found a solution.

  • HI all,

    I am having the same problem. I have done a little research on the issue. It appears that "libqtmain.a" is included in the make file but it does not exist anywhere in the wasm_32 subtree of the QT directory.
    I don't know if the make file is in error or if the library is missing. Any information would be most appreciated.

  • Are you using Qt Creator?

    Try changing the emcc compiler config's abi to asmjs-unknown-unknown-emscripten-32bit.

    @fhryilmaz @winsvu @GaryT

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