Qt, Qt Quick and N950

  • Hi folks,

    I'm trying to write something for my N950 but I'm stuck with some things:

    1. If I try to write my UI using Qt Quick, the Qt Creator's designer is not showing me some widgets. In order to test see the correct results, I must run the application in N950.

    This is "the screenshot of Qt Creator":http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/6661/screenshot20111127at203.png (big, so I preferred to put a link) and this is the application running in N950:


    So my question is: is anybody here using Qt Creator's designer to draw Qt Quick screens for N950, or just writing its source code and testing? It's looking confusing for me to design screens with it.

    1. I tried to write some code in Qt and C++ and run in N950, but it showed me weird Windows-like widgets. The second question is: can't I run applications written fully in Qt and C++ looking with MeeGo's native widgets?

    [Update: I just discovered "libmeegotouch":http://harmattan-dev.nokia.com/docs/platform-api-reference/showdoc.php?pkn=libmeegotouch&wb=daily-docs&url=Li94bWwvZGFpbHktZG9jcy9saWJtZWVnb3RvdWNo - ignore this question! :)]

  • As far as I know, the qt-components can't be integrated into Qt Creator's designer. So, the designer is not very useful for developing for the n950.
    There is a desktop port (at least for Ubuntu) of qt-components, which is somewhat working, so you can run it there and have a better idea as to what the app looks like, without having to run it on the device.

    As for your other question, the recommended UI is to use QML. The Qt widget do not have native styling, as you've discovered.

  • Hi,

    Also in the latest version of the SDK, the simulator will let you select harmattan widgets. and this will actually be very close to the experience on an actual N950. I wonder why this feature hasn't been promoted more heavily, as it is a much better option (for most things) than the qEMU based emulator which is very slow.


  • Current 1.1.4 SDK contains package of Meego components for desktop. I don't remember what was name in SDK installer. You also have to set QML_IMPORT_PATH to point to the install location

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