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Qt dual monitor screenshot weirdness

  • I have a problem with a program using Qt to screenshot. I order to try and solve it my self, I had a look to the screenshot example:

    Downloading and compiling the program, it works but only for the individual screens. In another post

    I saw that the line


    Should be change to

    originalPixmap = screen->grabWindow(0, screen->geometry().x(), screen->geometry().y(), screen->size().width(), screen->size().height());

    With this change when the program is moved to the secondary monitor; captures it just fine.

    When moved to the primary monitor it just capture only a part of the screen and not the entire two monitors. The produced image has the dimensions of the primary monitor.

    Exactly the same issue I have with the software I need to use.

    This is my monitor configuration:

    And this is my entire desktop capture with KDE Spectacle.

    What could be the issue?

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