All essential packages installed for all installed Qt versions error

  • I'm getting the following error:


    The error itself seems pretty vague. If Qt is looking for some specific packages, then why can it not tell me what is missing? Everything I can think of has been installed from the SDK manager.

    This is a fresh Qt install with only 5.15 selected.


  • @drapoel Check the following file <QT_INSTALL_PATH>\Tools\QtCreator\share\qtcreator\android\sdk_definitions.json (Windows)
    and confirm if the versions defined in the sdk_essential_packages and specific_qt_versions are installed in your system.
    I was facing the same problem as I had the NDK and build tools installed of different versions. You can take a backup of this file and change the values depending on your QT version

  • Hello Everyone,

    I had the same problem, but I managed to solve with the latest details. I checked the file sdk_definitions.json and installed the right version of NDK by Android Studio. In my opinion, however, the error in QtCreator is too general and it is not clear what is missing.
    Moreover, this messagebox appears continuously:


    and not resolve the issue.


  • Made a completely fresh install. The same error is still shown in the options, but my Android builds seem to be working now. Marking as solved for now.

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