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Qt Providing Help

  • So from what I understand we have the following options to provide Help in our applications with Widgets:

    Tooltips – show short tooltip
    Statustips – show a bit longer message in status bar
    Whats This Mode – show HTML supported help in special help mode
    QDesktopServices - show a HTML file in systems webbrowser
    QTextBrowser - show a HTML file with QTextBrower. Use it as a simple WebEngine
    Qt Assistant – Deprecated in QT5 ???
    System Tray Icon

    Am I missing another way to provide help?

    Is Qt Assistant deprecated in QT5 ? In my book which handles Qt 4 It can be used with a class QAssistantClient but it is deprecated now.

    Also what does dynamic help mean?

    I ask these questions because I try to prepare for Qt Certification for Widget UI.

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    @sandro4912 said in Qt Providing Help:

    but it is deprecated now.

    But it's also explained how to replace it:
    "Note: This class is obsolete and only required when using the old Qt Assistant, now called assistant_adp. If you want to use the new Qt Assistant as a remote help viewer, simple create a QProcess instance and specify assistant as its executable. "

  • Your right I did not see that.

    And what is dynamic help?

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