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adding paths to CMake project

  • Hi all -

    I'm trying to use Creator for some cross-development. I think I have my kit set up properly, but I seem to be missing include paths:
    Where do I define these paths? I'm particularly surprised that it couldn't find "string.h."


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    @mzimmers This can be false positive from the code model.
    Does your project compile?

  • @jsulm no, it doesn't; I get the errors about the files not found.

    EDIT: I stand corrected. A couple of the errors were valid, which was killing the build. Once I fixed them, my build works successfully (in that it completes without errors; it doesn't seem to be producing a binary, though -- probably some mistake in my settings on that one).

    EDIT AGAIN: I have to change my answer, from "no" to "yes" to "sometimes."

    Creator's inability to find these include files isn't just a cosmetic inconvenience; it reduces its value as a code browser. Any CMake whizzes out there that might know how to fix this?


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