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How can I connect to swipe.opened() from C++?

  • I want to connect a C++ slot to the swipe.opened() signal of the SwipeDelegate QML type. I tried it this way:

    QObject::connect(swipeDelegate, SIGNAL(opened()), &cb, SLOT(on_open_swipe()));

    but get the following runtime error:

    No such signal SwipeDelegate_QMLTYPE_0::opened() in...

    I also tried

    QObject::connect(swipeDelegate, SIGNAL(swipe.opened()), &cb, SLOT(on_open_swipe()));

    but get the same result.

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    Best thing is to expose the cb object to qml side using setContextProperty. Use onOpener(..) signal handler to connect with your slot in cb.

  • I would prefer QML not having to know about the C++ side. A solution would be to provide a handler in QML and emit a custom signal from therein. I already did that.
    But I should maybe rephrase my question: while I am able to connect to pressed() or clicked() signals from C++, there is a problem with swipe.opened(), most likely because of the "swipe.". Is there a way to connect as though opened() would directly belong to SwipeDelegate? If not, it would seem to be an omission in the mechanism.

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