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QMake LRELEASE .ts to .qm files

  • Hi,
    I'm new in software development and I'm searching for a way to automate the compiling of .ts translation files to .qm files using lrelease.exe in a .pro file. Therefore i need to get the filename out of the .ts filepath and create new .qm files, that $$LRELEASE can compile it and put the .qm files in my DEPLOYMENT_DIR. The following workaround worked for me:

    # this function is for making a full Path that worked for me on windows:
    defineReplace(fixPath) {
        rawPath = $$quote($$system_path($$absolute_path($$1)))
        return ($$rawPath)
        # This function creates the translation .qm files in DEPLOYMENTDIR/translation
        # @Param: List with all .ts files
        # @Param example: C://myapp/translations/exampleLanguage.ts
            TRANSLATION_FILES = $$1
            fileNames =
            for(translationElement, TRANSLATION_FILES){
                rawTranslations = $$split(translationElement,/)
                file = $$last(rawTranslations)
                fileNames += $$file
            fileNamesNoEnding =
            for(fileElement, fileNames){
                rawFileNameNoEnding = $$split(fileElement,.)
                fileNamesNoEnding += $$first(rawFileNameNoEnding)
            QM_FILES =
                QM_FILES += $$fixPath($$join(fileNameNoEnding, .qm, $${DEPLOYMENTDIR}/translations/, .qm))
            LRELEASE = $$[QT_INSTALL_BINS]/lrelease #.exe
            NEW_TRANSLATIONS =
            for(entry, TRANSLATION_FILES){
                NEW_TRANSLATIONS += $$fixPath($$entry)
            for(tsFile, NEW_TRANSLATIONS){
                command = $$LRELEASE $${tsFile} -qm $$take_first(QM_FILES)
                system($$command)|error("Failed to run: $$command")

    I know that this is a really ugly way to do this. The "clean" way described in link did not work for me. Does anyone have a suggestion to do this in a cleaner way?

    more information: I'm using QT version 5.9.7.

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