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create a QList of QThreads

  • Hello, I am trying to implement a list of threads(for me it seems the idea that might work, but i am new to QT). In my program i have an UI, it runs the event loop which takes multiple videos for processing. I want each video to be processed on a separate thread. I thought about using timmers, signals, slots on an objects to handle multiple videos, but the video processing it's pretty heavy computationally and I can't run it o a single thread. I thought about using a thread pool but the threads that are supossed to do video processing have to communicate with only one another thread which writes some information on disk and with the UI event loop thread ( from my point of view, sublcassing QThread gives more flexibility). If you can give me some advices, that's appreciated, thank you!

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    QList<QThread*> threads;
    threads.append(new QThread());

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