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Qt installer silently fails to run on Windows 10

  • I have tried to run these on my Windows 10 desktop:


    When double clicking on them, nothing happens. No errors, nothing.

    When executing on the command line, I get this:

    C:\Users\Windows User\Downloads>"qt-unified-windows-x86-3.2.3-online (1).exe" --verbose
    C:\Users\Windows User\Downloads>IFW Version: 3.2.3, built with Qt 5.12.7.
    Build date: May 22 2020
    Installer Framework SHA1: 9517b49a
    C:\Users\Windows User\Downloads>

    Are there any other steps I can try to get the installer to work?

  • Hi , try downloading and starting DebugView
    Then start the installer again and see if there’s any messages in DebugView

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