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"WARNING: Cannot find style "test" - fallback: "default" "

  • Hello.

    I curently have a problem about a way to use "Adding custom styles" of the "Virtual Keyboard".
    The error is "WARNING: Cannot find style "test" - fallback: "default" "

    I want to try to add custom styles to my project like :

    After reading the article, I tried to add custom styles including folder "test".

    And for my setting , I searched on the net and used below:

    Below is the most important points I checked in above the article.
    2.put the style.qml into your existing qrc (e.g. to the path :/kbstyles/test.qml :/kbstyles/QtQuick/VirtualKeyboard/Styles/STYLENAME/style.qml)
    3.add the import path to your QQmlEngine (engine->addImportPath(":/kbstyles"))

    But I had below the error.
    WARNING: Cannot find style "test" - fallback: "default"

    I do not know why I have the error. I guess I could correctly set above three rules.

    An below image is my source code.question_about_custom_style.PNG

    Could you tell me what is wrong ?

  • Same problem.

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